Asociatia Internationala Un Pas Spre Viitor - The Association follows social and professional integration of youth, which have turned 18 years old, which left/will leave the orphanages, taking them in the Social Integration Center – which have been founded in 2006, at Brasov.The Association aims to contribute to the harmonious, educative and social development of a certain category of young people, by implementing some well-defined programs. Also, their social integration is wanted, as well as the monitoring for achieveing the intended purpose.

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UPSV stands for Un Pas Spre Viitor which translates “A Step to the Future”. It is an established centre where young adults leaving orphanages can go and develop the skills and behaviours they need to become effective and constructive members of society.

Unfortunately this is the only centre of its kind in Romania.

UPSV believes that every child should be given the chance to flourish, no matter what their background is. Whether they have come from the confinements of an orphanage or a poverty stricken family, UPSV is here to help them realise their potential and place in society.

Like all teenagers they just need support, direction and guidance. UPSV teaches them independent living skills, provides legal advice, counselling and assistance in finding a job.

The President and founder Florin Catanescu knows all to well the challenges orphans face when they have no choice but to leave the orphanages at 18 years old, poorly equipped to face the outside world after years of institutionalisation. Florin had grown up in orphanages since birth, not knowing the love of parents and suffered terrible maltreatment. Armed only with his own self taught determination, Florin aspired to open a centre for the disadvantaged youth of Romania and so UPSV was born.

Today UPSV celebrates its 10th anniversary and has helped over 100 youths find jobs and a sense of purpose in life.

Florin invites you to join him on his journey of developing harmonious and educative programs to prepare these young adults social integration into the community.


Parquet for Social Integration Center

Thank you Kronospan Romania for giving us free hardwood floors


Kitchen renovations

The kitchen's furniture and all appliances are finally here! We cannot emphasize enough how much appreciated is Marub company's support. A sincere thank you! You've touched in a significant way the lives of the youths who live at the center. We couldn't thank you enough


New doors

We'd like to thank MARUB company for their support. Thanks to them we have new doors at the Social Integration Center ‪


Volunteering at UPSV - bathroom renovations

We've finished bathroom renovations. We'd like to thank Marub company for their help.